How to be/feel happy?

Hello Peeps,

So today I am going to speak about how we can be/feel happy and few tips to work on your desires and make them come true

Let me ask you all, what do you think how can we feel happy?

Is it, if we have some desires or goals and once same is achieved then only we can be happy? This means, if our desires or goals doesn’t get accomplished are we going to stay unhappy?

Huh, no this is not the right thought process to be happy.

Now you would be thinking so what exactly are the reasons to be happy?

So we don’t need any reason to feel happy. We should put a habit of being happy unconditionally.

Earlier, before getting into something the first question would come to my mind, would I be able to do this and what if I fail to execute it. This thought process itself had started building negative thoughts in my mind. This had lead me to feel unhappy.

How is it possible to feel happy unconditionally?

So, here are few things I followed to put myself a habit of feeling happy.

I started my day saying to myself positive things and feeling happy in whatever I have and thanking god for giving this beautiful life.

This process has built a confidence in me. If any challenges comes up, I am open to accept it and I don’t feel bad even if I lose it.

I think its ok to lose, important part is I have at least tried to attempt it.

This thought process will start building positive vibes and we will start feeling happy.

Now, how can we work on our desires to come true?

Write down all your desires on a piece of paper. Ensure those desires should be in present tense.

For examples: I am Business head and earning 5 Lakhs monthly.

You can start following this 3 steps,

1. Breathing exercise (normal inhaling, holding breathe for some secs and exhaling it).Perform same for at least 3 to 5 times.

2. Then do meditation minimum for 15 minutes (focus and visualize your desires or anything which gives you happiness).

3. Once the meditation is been completed, while the eyes are closed say those desires to yourself. You can repeat this desires daily to yourself as many times you can. Whenever any negative thought is coming, say this desires to yourself.

Practicing this activity will bring change in your life.

So say good bye to Negative thoughts and welcome positivity in your life.

References :

  1. Power of Subconscious Mind — By Joseph Murphy. ( I have read this book and even taken few courses online and this has really helped me to bring change in my thought process)
  2. Motivational videos by Robin Sharma on YouTube.
  3. Law of Attraction and Self Hypnosis Effortless Manifestation by Chris Spink course on Udemy.



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